Tuesday, January 5, 2021

7 Key Steps Towards your Dream Home!

Building your dream home should be an enjoyable process, so we've created this simple steps guide to show you exactly what to expect along the way.


We RECOMMEND to visit some of our projects to investigate workmanship and quality. We will also meet with you personally to discuss your budget, internal specifications, exterior cladding and your general wish list of inclusions for your home.

Your ideas are transferred onto paper, with a simple site, floor and elevation plan produced. One of our standard plans can be used in its entirety (or an altered version), or we can totally design and build your dream home from scratch! Once you are in love with your concept plan, pricing plans will then be produced. This adds in enough detail for all of our sub-contractors and suppliers to quote off.

Once all the quotes are received back in, we can then cost out the job fully, producing you your “fixed priced building agreement”. This agreement may have realistic allowances sums for a number of undecided/unknown items i.e. excavation depth and volume etc. Once you are happy with the agreement then it is all signed up and confirmed.

Once we have received all the information mentioned in ‘Step 3’, we then transfer this onto your building plans and specifications. Once completed, your working drawings will be roughly 15-20 pages, detailing everything down to different cladding junctions etc. The last piece of this step involves you signing off on these plans, prior to us submitting them for BUILDING PERMIT.

The exciting time! We start and complete the physical process of constructing your home on site. There are set client meetings at various stages throughout this process (start up, roof on, internal linings, pre handover walk through, handover and then 90-day maintenance). You will also receive weekly job updates stating what we anticipate to achieve on your home in the up-coming week.

Once construction have signed off, we are then able to hand your home over to you!  This may affect the actual timing of handover.

After enjoying your beautiful new home, we will send out our WARRANTY NOTICE, allowing you the chance to note down any points that you might like to bring to our attention. We will then have a quick walk through your home (if required) and complete any minor maintenance work.

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