Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Why Build Now?

Buying a house does take more effort and consideration than buying a stock or investment bond. First you need to visit properties, both existing and potential new builds. Deciding which one best for your needs. However, one of the most critical steps is figuring out what you can afford and if your financial status meets current lending guidelines. Obtaining a mortgage or home loan will require providing your  personal basic financial information and allowing a lender or bank to check your credit records. They will look at your income, assets and liabilities to determine how much you can afford to build your new house. As a consumer you will also need to check lenders fees and charges as there are many options to choose from and the landscape for your business is competitive. Once you have made your home investment, you may need to wait to get your gains, monetarily speaking, but you have a new home to enjoy in the meantime. Current mortgage rates are recorded the lowest. The current economic downturn has been the worst since the great depression. So typically when something drastically crashes as it has this time, or the valley is very low, then the peak that comes afterward is typically very high. So relatively speaking when we come out of this downturn homes will likely start climbing in value again. Bottom line, if you’re planning to live in your home for a long time, you have the money, and you can get financing, it’s a great time to build NOW.

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