Monday, December 14, 2020

Choosing the Ideal Home Builder!

Have you decided to build your dream home and now you have to decide who is going to build it! This is a big decision that can be made much easier by consulting with and choosing the right home builder. It doesn’t have to be a decision that adds additional stress to your life. Avoid having nightmare stories you've probably heard by knowing how to pick the right builder for you. Below are a few key points we recommend when making your ultimate lifetime decision. 1.  Look for a builder that has a long building history; how much experience does the builder have? Ask to see customer or trade references. What is his resume? Does he take care of his customers; are they satisfied and happy? Will they recommend him? Is his warranty stated in his contract? Does the builder have a comprehensive warranty program? 2. Regardless of the price of the home, quality can be measured. Your builder should be current on the latest construction techniques and municipal codes and committed to craftsmanship. Ask questions as to how familiar he is with any potential new changes within the City codes. How does the builder ensure quality? Ask what processes the builder uses to inspect the work. Will you be involved? How often will the builder visit the job site? Ask to see examples of their work, whether it be a model home or homes under construction. Can you see pictures for review? 3.Don't let the fear of the unknown stop you from building your dream home. Look for a builder that will walk you through the entire process, from design to financing, from site preparation to building permits and actual construction. This full service experience can add tremendous value and peace of mind to the building process. What basic processes does the builder use? Ask what type of scheduling system will be used? Does the builder have a schedule you can see? When will you know your move in date? Now that you've decided to build your dream home you have an important choice to make, by following these points and recommendations you will be on the right track to selecting a professional builder who will make the homebuilding process a real success and stress-free.

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