Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Build Today!

You’ve probably made this many times before – do you buy something used, or brand new? Maybe you were buying a car, or perhaps you were purchasing another big-ticket item. We have a tendency to think that the newer the thing is, the fewer problems it may come with, but it is not always the case. Sometimes it can be better to let someone else take the initial hit of depreciation when something makes the jump from “new” to “used.” After all, there’s very little difference between a “new” car with 20 miles on it, parked on the showroom floor and a “used” car with 25 miles on it, parked in your driveway. A home is likely the single most expensive investment you will ever purchase and choose on. So is it better to build your new home, or to get something vintage and ready made? The answer might not be as obvious as it seems; both options have their advantages, and the attendant disadvantages. But whatever it is, just make your right decision and stop hanging on your fantasy. Make it happen today.

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