Monday, November 2, 2020

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One of the key features of a livable  and practical home is a floor plan that is optimized for both the movements of the sun during the day, as well as throughout the seasons. The main factor in determining the relationship between your home and the sun is the orientation of your home. Every home that we design has a recommended north point. When our building architect are creating floor plans, this north point informs factors such as room layout, internal wall positioning, window type and orientation and even materials used. By taking into account the north point when planning your build, you will unlock new levels of comfort, practicality, coziness and livability. Orienting your floorplan correctly means that your home will be optimized for interaction between the indoors and outdoors—resulting in ample natural light, a better ambient temperature and more usable space. Why just dream, call us today-your first step towards your home building reality.

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