Thursday, November 5, 2020

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If you formally decide to build your dream home, consider this decade idea of actual custom residential home building experience. Ask the builder about amenities and upgrades. Amenities are features that benefit the entire community like a clubhouse, health and fitness center or a gated entrance. Upgrades refer to added features or items you pay extra for to enhance your home, like certain types of flooring or kitchen island. Get a feature sheet on the line of homes you're interested in and read them very carefully, then compare feature to feature. Find out what comes with the base home price. If you don't understand exactly what the builder is offering, ask and take notes. There are no dumb questions. Not knowing can cost you real money. Some things to keep in mind. If the stove is included, visit the showroom to see the model. If you're offered the basic stove and you're a gourmet cook, it makes sense to buy the upgrade. Make decisions on upgrades early in the process -- every change costs money. Have a good idea of what you need and want. They are two different things when it comes to upgrades. Builders rake in the cash on upgrades because they can get parts and labor relatively cheaply. The markup is huge, so investigate each option you're considering to see whether it would be cheaper to do it all-in or by phase work. With over a decades of experience in custom residential construction, Homechoice Planners can show you a lot of functional and practical ideas in home building process. Call now!

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