Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Mirrors help make  small and space look incredibly larger. Prop one up on a mantel or even layer designed mirror frames widely available on many stores. You have plenty of designs to choose from. You could even make a mirror or tiled mirrors completely cover one wall. Bring your artwork up to trick the eye and expand or accentuate the height of the room. A gallery wall might seem too busy for a small space, but it can actually make it feel larger if it extends to the ceiling. In this family room , the mirror reflect of this glossy white paint on the walls that makes the small space feel larger—and more glamourous. As mentioned a few times already, a small space doesn't mean you can't have fun with color. So if you love incorporating pretty pastels or vivid bright color paint but want to make sure your living room doesn't look chaotic, the trick is to stick to a tight color palette. Mixing patterns is also fair game, especially when done as masterfully as this elegant, sleek and comfy tiny living room. The best thing, hire someone with knowledge, experience and expertise to offer you a hassle free job.

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