Thursday, December 19, 2019

Modular Construction or Traditional One! Call +639173116516

Modular construction is more advantageous with traditional.The benefits would appear to directly outweigh the pitfalls. However, every project needs to be considered individually. The pros, cons and limitations of both traditional and modular construction should be carefully assessed to ensure the ultimate desired outcome is achieved.As the foundations are being laid on site, construction of the building is already taking place in a factory by not necessarily skilled manpower. The assembled building modules is then transported, fixed in place and the rest of other necessary works are laid and completed. Once the wall panels are installed, rebars, plumbing, electrical rough-ins is also installed. The wall panels is then carefully inspected prior to pouring. When this are done, painting preparation is already on the pipeline. Timeline and targets are on top of its benefits, not to mention the structural integrity, aesthetics and less construction wastage's.Modular buildings can be easily expanded, relocated or reused.For your modular panel requirements. Call us today. We can provide load bearing panels as well as shear wall panels. Guaranteed fast, quality, economical and  less waste construction method.

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