Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Our Gratitude to PODC Management!Cheers!

One of our partnership project with the top-notch housing and township developer in Mindanao Pueblo de Oro Development Corp-CDO has been duly and satisfactorily completed within and even earlier to the designated time frame. Homechoice Planners Management would like to express our Biggest Thank You to the PODC Management headed by Sir Chrysler, Engr. Alvin, Engr Art, Maam Mylene and to all PODC staff. Our greatest salute for the confidence, trust and support in our endeavor. We would like you to know that we are doing our best from doing the traditional construction. Our salute and gratitude also to all HPCC workers and subcontractors for giving your best. By doing what is right from the start, surely has greater, better reward in the future. To all teams! Kudos! To God whom all all goods things come and flow, all Glory and Praise and Honor you only deserve our Savior Jesus Christ.

To Everyone, Thank You.

Homechoice Planners Management Team

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