Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Now for the fun part, designing your custom home!

Now for the fun part, designing your custom home!If you purchased an existing home, or a production home, it probably isn't designed the way you dreamed of. Maybe it was the appliances, or the color of the kitchen cabinets that threw you off. With a custom home, you can pick out every single detail, down to the type of bathtub you want in your master bathroom.Think about what design elements you want to incorporate and how it will ultimately look in your custom new home. This is where your interior designer will come in with their expertise. If you decided against hiring an interior designer, some builders have an in-house design team, or work exclusively with a designer. A good designer uses their abilities to not only design the home to be function and beautiful, but they also find special opportunities in designs that the home buyer would miss. For more on choosing the right interior designer for you, call us now +639173116516. Your research beforehand is critical. Go through model homes, even production homes, and see what you like. Did you find a kitchen with appliances you liked in one home, but really appreciated the design of a living room in another home? Jot those designs down, plus the home builder and designer that they worked with to make it happen.New homes are more energy efficient than ever before. Existing homes can be costly to run, especially with upkeep, maintenance, and equipment dying from old age. Quality, custom-built homes with energy efficient appliances mean lower utility bills. Not only that, but imagine being able to control the temperature of your home from your phone, how cool is that! Check out some of the smart technology for your new home on the market today. Making your home energy efficient is cost effective and you will have less general upkeep of your home in the years to come. After your new custom home is complete, show it off by having a housewarming party for friends and family. Don't forget to invite your new neighbors!

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