Sunday, September 1, 2019

Planning to Build? Call us.

The building process for a home or townhouse is extensive and takes planning. Both of the processes are difficult and require an experienced architect, an experience of builder, and contractor to complete the job. Each one of the buildings needs to be up to current code and undergo inspections.

In general, townhouse are more difficult to construct because there are more shared walls. And, the interior of the building, which must include multiple hallways, entryways for residents, and laundry rooms, only adds to the complexity.

The building process for a home initially starts out with surveying the land and purchase of a suitable lot to accommodate the structure. From there, an architect creates a set of blueprints 1 according to the owners idea for the building and design. When the plans are approved, construction begins. Once the initial structure of the building is constructed, the interior walls begin to go in, and the building is wired for electricity, the plumbing installed, and the process continues until entire building is constructed.

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