Sunday, July 14, 2019

Looking for Fencing Companies?

Many homeowners wisely leave the job of fence-building to the pros. But like other trades, fence companies do have their own culture and quirks. What happens when you have a fence company install a fence for you? It's not always smooth sailing. Certainly, having a fence company do the physical work of building your fence is far easier than doing it yourself—but you have to know what to expect.Fence companies typically divide their outside staff into two: the estimators and the builders. With larger fence companies, the estimators rarely spend much time with the builders. Their job is to estimate, and then move on to the next job.The estimator will visit your house exterior. If you need to work and cannot meet them, some companies will allow estimators onto your property unsupervised. However, due to liability issues, fewer and fewer companies will do this. And it's also a question of whether you want them there unsupervised.The estimator measures the run of the intended fence with a long measuring tape or with a wheel-type measuring device. They confirm with you certain aspects: the style of fence, material, property line, etc. 

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