Monday, July 29, 2019

Demolish or Renovate?

Are you stressed on what should you extend and renovate or demolish and rebuild? The truth is – there is no definitive answer. It all depends. If you’re reading information which does give a definitive answer take time to check the source. Does the builder specialize in just new builds? Do they only complete loft conversions? Homechoice Planners & Construction Corp both carry out new builds, extensions and renovations, and that is why you can trust us to give you unbiased and right guide on what would be the best solution for you. There are various factors which come in to play as to which option makes best sense. Your starting point is to look at two overarching elements: what you’ve got and what you need. We have old properties sitting snuggly against their neighbours just a stone’s throw from a large detached plot. Let’s look at the factors which matter most.The age and condition of the property is an excellent starting point for your considerations. The condition of a property can determine the costs of renovation. Is there a great deal of structural work to complete before you’re even at the blank canvas stage? If yes, demolishing and rebuilding could be a good option. This is particularly true if there are large-scale safety or preservation works which need completing which have minimal effect on your ultimate design. Or perhaps you have chosen this home precisely because you value its age and character. If so, then look for sympathetic renovations which enhance the property’s character whilst also meeting your objectives. If the changes are cosmetic and not largely structural then this is a sensible option. This was the case with our recent client who loves his home but wanted to add an extra room that would bring some light into the house and express his personality. We achieved this by adding a large rear house extension. The brick walls helped the expansion fit with the surroundings while keeping its charming character. The combination of the industrial style steel framed glass panel doors and a large roof-light allows a wealth of warmth and natural light in and give the feeling of vast space. For you renovations and extensions? Call us today.

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