Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Black Galaxy

We know all about your granite kitchen countertop dreams. They were once ours too, but hear us out: There are so many gorgeous options to choose from — zinc, concrete, and even raw wood — that by the time you get done with this story, you may be rethinking your ultimate goal.No matter how formal or relaxed you want to go, whether you want something practical and stain-resistant, or something so luxe it's outrageous, you'll find it on this list. For those looking for a sleek and modern look, absolute black is the way to go. This is the purest black granite that you’ll find with little to no traces of any other colors found in it. Absolute black is a great choice to create the high contrast black and white kitchen you may have been day dreaming about and it looks great polished or honed.Black galaxy is the perfect name for this variety as it channels the look of a rural night sky. With small white flecks resembling the stars, this is a more family-friendly choice than absolute black since the flecks will help mask any messes and smudges. Even though it has lighter flecks there’s not enough quartz in it to technically classify it as a granite. Stocks Available.

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