Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Color your Walls

Whether you choose paint or wallpaper, your walls will certainly create the main color in the room. You can also leave them in a neutral white or gray to highlight certain colors used elsewhere. You may need to be careful not to accentuate these too much, as they could draw too much attention if not sufficiently balanced by other nuances. If you decide on a particular color, choose a matte finish, which can better hide small defects. If you want to make your room look bigger, opt for bright or clear colors. Make a contrast between walls and a white ceiling to give volume. You can go for a deeper effect, for example by creating a color contrast on walls opposite natural lighting. You can vary the color by lightening the tone as you go nearer to the light and paint the wall of the window in white.Needs some subs to paint your walls? Call us today.

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