Monday, April 15, 2019

Condo Lifestyle

Condo living means not having to worry with things such as lawn care or outside work. When buying a condo, you will only pay a monthly dues that covers maintenance on common areas,swimming pool,fitness gym, lawn care and outside structure repairs. Shared fees will also cover things such as updates to the buildings, window replacements and more. On the other hand, you have limited control over the space outside your unit when you live in a condo. Condos always come with condo corporations, made up of people who live in your building and either enforce rules or set new ones. These can range from how many pets or how big they can be, whether you can sublet, and so on. If you want to host a very large party after certain hours, you need to get permission. If you want to plant a garden on the balcony, you need to check the guidelines. If you think that condo living suits your lifestyle, then now is the time to invest! 

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