Sunday, April 14, 2019

Choosing The Right Color

Dark colors are design-friendly, they are not your best option if you are dealing with a small space as they make a room appear smaller. It is best to stick to lighter colors like cream, lighter shades of blue, and pale grays. These hues will have your place feeling light, open and airy. Going monochromatic also does wonders for making a small space look bigger. You can have your walls, trims, and detailing painted in varying shades of one color, such as beige, off-white and white to expand a room. For an open-air, French-inspired room, you can complement white walls with trim and detailing painted a very pale shade of gray. You can easily indulge your craving for vibrant colors by adding in an accent piece which comes in playful color variations of kiwi green, wineberry and teal.
There is one area great for a dark color. Painting your ceiling a dark hue will create depth. You can also add fun fixtures that will draw the eyes upward, effectively creating an illusion of height. Also, another way you can make colors work for you is by arranging your favorite items. This will spare you the potential clutter disaster. Needs some subs for painting or repainting your home? Call Us Today. 

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