Monday, February 1, 2016

Pre-Construction Preparations

Before construction starts

Has the contract been signed by both parties? Has your builder supplied you with a complete, signed set of the contract documents? The following should be provided to you as soon as possible after the contract has been signed:
 • The contract together with a Schedule of Particulars of;
 • complete set of plans; 
• written specification of workmanship and materials; and
 • certificate of home indemnity insurance.  

Have you provided proof of your ownership of the land to your builder? Has local government and Water Corporation approval been received by your builder? Has your builder advised if the work requires your neighbour’s consent in circumstances where it may encroach or affect adjoining land? Has the developer’s approval (if applicable), been received by your builder? Has confrmation of fnance approval been received? Your builder may request a copy of the fnance approval.   Has your builder invited you to attend a Kick-off meeting? At that meeting you will be asked to make a number of important decisions about the types of materials and fttings and about colours. If you must make any last minute changes, make them now and not after construction starts unless the contract has been amended appropriately.  

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