Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Creative Recycling

 One of the most major problem the world is facing now is the climate change. Climate in most part of the earth drastically change. Mostly they experience extreme shift of the weather. Most often, the weather can no longer be predicted accurately.

One reason of climate change is the irresponsible use of our resources and improper waste disposal and segregation.

The mother earth is groaning for a tonnage of trash everyday .

 The best way in reducing trash is learning to creatively recycle our household waste. Used tires and bottles can be used as planters. Where you can grow flowers and vegetables.

Plastics usage are now being monitored particularly in grocery stores. Usually they are the main cause of drainage clogging that results to flooding.

Other household trash can also be transform into wall arts and decors. One commonly recycled is the tissue holder. They can be transformed in many ideas and results.

 Creative recycling is one way in reducing trash. Help mother earth. Be responsible of your household trash.


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