Thursday, February 11, 2016

Construction Phase

 During construction stage ensure to get the customer service or office number. When instances that you had concerns, notify and visit the office directly. Never give concerns and directives on jobsite workers. They are not authorize to receive concerns.

Arrange you site visit regularly. When you are aware of the site work and progress, you are assured that they implement all what is stated in the contract.

If you had changes, arrange them properly before construction starts. I t would be so hard and expensive to change  when work had started. Plans on paper are easier to modify rather than dismantling erected structures.

Document every phase work. Pictures during construction can help you during evaluation process specially when troubleshooting. This serves also as evidence when the builder does not follow the agreed and approved plans.

Remember that you have made a financial commitment to your builder to pay in accordance with the conditions of the contract prior to obtaining your house keys. Note that your builder has a legal responsibility to ensure that the building work is carried out in a proper and proficient manner.

The builder is liable to make good, without additional cost, defects in the building work notified in writing within 4 months from practical completion.

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