Monday, February 1, 2016

Check your Plans

Checking your plans

Have you checked all the plans and specifications thoroughly?  Make sure you fully understand the plans and all of the symbols used. If plans are drawn up in advance of a building contract, check with a building surveyor or the local government that they will be approved without major amendments. If you selected from a display home, have you taken the plans along and checked the features and the measurements of rooms and fixtures installed? Have any changes or any extras that may have been offered or agreed to by your builder’s sales consultant been included on the plans or in the specifications? Have all of your selected materials and design changes been included in the drawings and/or specifications? Variations made after the contract is signed may incur an extra fee. Are the locations of power points, taps, light fittings, gas and TV fittings exactly as you require? Have you checked the total cost of any changes you have made to the original plans? Are you still certain that you are able to meet the total financial  commitment?

Better be sure than rush.

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  1. This is a pretty great post. I've been thinking of starting a blog on this subject myself. Any tips or anything you would recommend me to avoid?