Wednesday, March 18, 2015

No PCAB License: No Business Permits

The campaign on standardizing and regulations on unlicensed contractors are now being tightened. Since the PCAB License is a mandatory requirements by DILG -DILG MC 2012-52 for securing, issuance, and renewing of Business Permits. Furthermore, this would be a protection to clients from any fraudulent and misrepresentation from unlicensed contractors. After the long wait and deliberation, the DILG has finally issued a Memorandum Circular, though not the first, making a PCAB License a mandatory requirement  in the issuance of Business Permits to Contractors by city and municipal mayors. Contractor, as defined in the Contractors’ License Law (RA 4566) includes subcontractors and specialty contractors. The Memorandum Circular is headed as follows: MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS IN ENSURING SAFETY AND HEALTH IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY.
DILG Memorandum Circular 2012-52 was issued by virtue of Joint Administrative Order (JAO) No. 01 series of 2011 (DTI, DILG, DPWH & DOLE) and strengthens previous Memorandum Circulars in this regard issued by DILG (MC No. 2004-65 and MC No. 2004-65-A).In addition to the Contractors’ License requirement, a DOLE approved Construction Safety and Health Program (CSHP) was also made mandatory as a prerequisite of the issuance of Building Permits by Local Building Officials. This further strengthens the Memorandum Circular, NBCDO MC No. 04 series of 2011, issued by the DILG Secretary in his capacity as National Building Official during March 2011.
It is specially directed that mayors and the LGU will follow this clear directive and instruct their respective Business Permit and Licensing Offices and Building Officials accordingly.

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