Monday, March 16, 2015

ASEAN Integration: Threat? or Opportunity?

Last November 27,2011 the annual ASEAN Summit Meeting held in Singapore and all the leaders adopted and signed the  blueprint for achieving the ASEAN Economic Community. The ultimate goal for AEC is that to create a single market and production by ensuring and engaging into the free flow of goods, products, services,  capital, labor and investment among ASEAN Member States. And the Philippines is one of them, that simply means that, we are already an OPEN Market. Member States who signed and seal the blueprint can do business anywhere without the compliance of import and working permits. The AEC was created  to boost jobs, income and investment on all regions on the member states. As we are engage into the trade industry, what does this ASEAN Integration's role to our business? Is it a threat or Opportunity? Well, it does depends on your view and perspective. It is expected that when there is a major shifts or change,  the impact could be both positive and negative. For some, this is a threat, because the issue on monopoly is erased and they are not yet certified. Majority of the AMS are already internally acclaimed businesses and trade. For others, it is an opportunity, that we had a wide variety and options to choose from on services, to goods, to labor, and to investments. So its up to us to go and ride with this major change in which we cannot control. So? How do you view this? Is it a Threat? Or is it an Opportunity. Please leave your comment:

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