Tuesday, November 4, 2014

3 Things to Consider in Choosing your Home Builder

Building a Home is everybody's Greatest dream. To provide a cozy, comfy home for our love ones. Nowadays, home builders just sprout everywhere. Promising and offering  various services . Building your home is a major decision to do and choosing the right home builder is also difficult.Below are the 3 things to consider:

1. Building and Construction Quality

For the first time to build a home – price is everything. Building to that minimum standard is reasonably expected. However, majority are spending over half what is expected. We want to use builders who go that little bit further to ensure their work is excellent.I personally inspect homes under construction, completed display homes and many others just to stay a breast of what is going on in the market. So, the first requirement to be a builder nominated by CLIENTS is to build excellent quality homes.Also, consider Home builders who are into the latest trends and innovation in construction technology. They are way better than the traditional ones.

2. The Builder Must Be Service-Centered

Also, choose a home builder with track records in building quality homes. it usually shows, when the builder has numerous number of projects, this signifies that clients are trusting in their workmanship and services.Choose an ISO Certified Builder. they are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality of services to clients. They should have a way in getting customer feedback after the services rendered.

3. The Builder Must Be Reasonably Priced (Price isn’t everything – but it’s an important factor)

Check how they price and how are their finished product. Don't choose who compromise on price because in the end it will actually double your expenses. Be sure to check the Project contracts and warranty. Also, check all documents and that they have presented and you approved. It should be that everything shall be documented and aligned to all legal and statutory requirements. Be sure to locate their office, in any case you can give your concerns and feedback to them regarding your project.

Some other tips to consider:
1.Visit their model home, but more importantly visit a couple of homes under construction. 
2. Get testimonials of past clients. Nothing quite beats this.
3.Ask the builder about their policies, contracts, and warranty.
4.Who will be our main point of contact, and office?
5. Locate and visit the home of the builder, this is very critical and very important.

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