Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Company-Clientele hand-in-hand bring Fruitfulness

When does a plant begin to bear fruit? Study of the plant life reveals that fruit-bearing is the inevitable result when a plant is well-nourished. Fruition happens when each part of a plant is as full as the others, and an overflow of vitamins and minerals has nowhere to go but express as a fruit.
hand-in-hand-homechoiceHomechoice Planners, an active player in real estate development in Cagayan de Oro, values human resource development. We believe that good workmanship which spells good delivery of our construction projects can only be expected when our people are well- taken cared of. Taking care includes skills upgrading, updated facilities, functional systems flow, personnel support mechanisms, and character development. Some setbacks may be experienced at times but only to refocus on what is most important to be able to realize the company goal – a comfortable home our clients can showcase and our workers can be proud of. Productivity is built and nourished on camaraderie, accountability, and mutual trust among the administration, the human resource and the clients.
We are grateful to our clients or would-be clients: we are in business because you trust us in helping you realize your dream of home- the main plant of our partnership . But the story does not stop there…As offshoot to the delivery of your well-built houses, TOGETHER WE ARE PROVIDING JOBS to construction workers and MAKING IMPACT to the community by their EMPOWERED FAMILIES. What fruits could be better than these?

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