Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Rise of HCB Building

HPCC marches forth! It was not so long ago when HomeChoice Builders Corporation was established. It was founded in June 2006 and then became HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation in June 2009. In its seven short years of existence in the construction business, HPCC has already built a trademark in the said field.
For HPCC’s seven years of existence, its advocacy has not been merely about building houses. As the company continually grows, its advocacy also began spreading to wider scopes and thus made the company more successful. As such, conducting bible study services every Monday has made a great impact to the success of the company. Putting God first and acknowledging Him in all the things that He has done has committed HPCC to be a blessing unto others.
In the seven years service of the company, it has built almost 150 houses to date. With the number ofhouses built, there were almost 150 families also that HPCC was able to help in realizing their dreams. And of course, HomeChoice Planners wouldn’t be able to build all these houses without its staffs and construction workers. HPCC exists in this business not just to build houses but also to help other people. And because the company is a blessing to other people, HPCC has been blessed more with God’s graces.
hcb-buildingOne of the great blessings that HPCC has received is the soon to construct HCB Building. This very first commercial building project of HPCC is a proof that the company has grown in the construction field. And just last April 2, 2013, HPCC conducted a groundbreaking and lot dedicationceremony for the said building at Golden Glow North Commercial Arcade.
This new project is a four storey commercial building; where in it will cater to commercial andoffice spaces for rent. There’s also a floor that will be intended for room rentals also. As soon as the building will be finished, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation will be transferring its office to the new building. This is an exciting project because the Plaswall Building System will be used; and this will be the first commercial building here in Cagayan de Oro City that will be using the said technology. Updates of this project will be posted soon. Until then!

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