Sunday, April 7, 2013

Plant Tree by Homechoice

Cagayan de Oro has already been affected by climate change and global warming. For the recent years, we had been heavily flooded that cause so much lose on properties, infrastructures,  and lives. It's somewhat like a nightmare on the recent Sendong for Cagay-anons where thousand have died on the flash flood of our famous river-known to be the country's river rafting capital.  And, our governments rules and laws on mining and forestry has been tightened. There are mining business in the city which has been cancelled and closed. Total log band has been emphasize and watched. In this connection,
Homechoice Planners,RPM REALTY,  and support and joins our government advocacy.Last April 6, 2012 Homechoice Planners and RPM REALTY staff and workers had planted 200 narra seedlings given by DENR-10 at Mambuaya Cagayan de Oro. This project was also supported by the Barangay Mambuaya Council who provided the 200 bamboo tree gaurds. This TREE-RIFIC tree planting projects was very successful. The company and the recipient barangay will submit a quarterly report and updates for the DENR as part of the follow up program to ensure the seedlings growth. 


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