Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Make a Statement on your Hallway

1. Open up your SpaceWe all want more space and light, but the jury is out on whether to remove the corridor wall to open up the hall. On the plus side, doing so brings in loads of light and increases the living space. But not everyone appreciates a front door opening straight onto a living space and, if you have a family, the house will seem even noisier. Avoid making a mistake you'll regret when you come to sell by consulting local estate agents to find out what people looking to buy in your street really want. 

  2. Install a Glamorous Stairs.Though the work is expensive and disruptive, replacing the wooden hill with a glass or metal staircase can transform your space. Beautifully constructed glass stairs bring in light while metal versions have strength without bulk, and cantilevered stairs with hidden supports appear to float effortlessly. Balustrades no longer need to be chunky wood; glass and steel are bang on trend.

3. Install your Choice Front DoorChoose a door with glazed panels to improve the natural light within the hallway. In an older house, stained glass is an opportunity to show off your artistic temperament. In a wider hallway, side panels of glass either side of the door can bring in even more light

4. Put Attention to DetailsFor the perfect hall, everything has to be just so, right down to the details - from storage to door handles.

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