Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lighting your Hallway

Good lighting is essential for a place to make an impact, but we need to sort of lighting with appropriate positioning and placement. Hopefully this ideas will guide you bring a sparkle to every spaces in your home.

Your hall is one of the busiest space where everyone fights and fixed personal stuff and  also welcomes visitors to your home. Your hall lighting needs to be practical, that decorative, cost efficient yet stylish. You have a choice of installing lantern, hanging bowl or a posh chandelier.

Don't hang a pendant if your ceiling is low - it will only make it appear even lower. Instead, stick to halogen spots, sunk flush with the ceiling. These bulbs mimic daylight and, when recessed, they don't attract attention to themselves. However, if yours is a period house - anything pre-1930s - or a large new-build, chances are the ceiling will be high enough to take something really show stopping.

A single chandelier can bring a touch of glamour and a sense of occasion to a hallway. They don't really provide a great deal of illumination though, so it's likely you'll have to fit other lights, too. A good way to do this is to direct a corner-fitted spotlight onto the chandelier to highlight its shape and to reflect light off its drops. Over the stairs, where visibility needs be good, halogen lights are a good choice, while wall lights are best avoided, as they only get in the way, especially in narrow hallways.

Floor-level lighting is a dramatic way to lead the eye along the hall and up the stairs. Or, you could choose gorgeous lamps for your hall table and fit them with a dimmer switch so you can adjust the amount of light they give out to create a welcoming glow on cold winter nights, or more light if you need it.

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