Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Furnish your Living Room

Sofa and storage are the most important elements in  your living room. Shop carefully to ensure this room is comfy, practical and stylish.

Back in the seventies and eighties, a three-piece suite was regarded as the epitome of sitting room chic, but these days a sofa with complementary - rather than coordinating - armchairs or a modular seating system is far more fashionable. 

All sofas consist of a frame, springs or webbing, padding and cushions, though you'll obviously pay far more for an investment buy that's hand made, using top-quality materials, and built to last a lifetime. However, you can pick  a perfectly decent sofa for just a few hundred, and at that price you won't mind replacing it after a few years.

The best sofas have frames made of hardwood which is dowelled, screwed and glued in place, with individual coil springs sewn in by hand, are padded with natural materials and usually have feather or feather and down cushions. Cheaper sofas have softwood frames which are glued rather than screwed, serpentine or zigzag springs, or even rubber webbing and are padded with foam. Cushions are made from feather and polyester fibre or foam - not as luxurious, but they recover their shape more quickly.

Make a statement with your window curtains. Dress your windows something plain, simple and stylish details. Also, choose the right artwork in your living spaces. 

It never makes sense to over clutter a room with furniture, but you do need to get the balance right to make it homely and practical, comfortable and fashionable. Your living room defines your personality and lifestyle.

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