Monday, March 11, 2013

Your Home Exterior

Colors can be obtained from the application of paint has a role to give a touch of beauty to a dwelling. Not only that, through a blend of color paint, the house will also perform in character, have a certain impression, and affect both the look or mood of its inhabitants.
But you have to remember, not all colors of paint suitable for application to a variety of concepts and theme of the house. It takes an understanding of the character so that the color of the paint colors you choose in accordance with the concept, and the theme of the impression you want to appear.
For that there are some things you should consider when combining colors for the home. What is it? we look alike:
• Combine several colors by looking at the color wheel (color wheel). There are several color combinations that you can choose the monochromatic, complementary, analogous, or complex.
• For the exterior, choose a paint color that is not too strong and adapted to the theme and concept of your home.
• For homes with traditional concepts choose neutral colors. In the traditional concept avoid the use of bright colors like orange and yellow.
• For Mediterranean-style house should apply paint colors from shades of brown, while the house with a minimalist style using paint colors gray and white with a little color accent.
• For the living room, family room, and dining room you can apply bright colors like orange paint, or pastels.
• Gradient blue and green chilly memorable or earth colors such as brown soil, red brick and gray category soothing colors suitable to be applied in space requires a lot of concentration.

• As for the den, reading room and a bedroom, you should choose the paint colors such as blue, green, brick red, brown, or gray.

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