Sunday, March 3, 2013

Your Home Design Concept???

Modern or form part of our house with a minimalist concept is becoming a trend, because the impression we would get more with minimalist concept, and here I give some examples of modern minimalist home pictures can you sample or just a consideration before building a house, as well as some home design minimalist
Show factor of a minimalist home is a combination of colors that do not contrast with the little black lines make the house seem elegant and clean, and comfortable in the eye, minimalist architectural style is a style that displays the elements as needed, as simple as possible yet elegant.
Characteristics of a minimalist home
Outside or EXTERIOR
Minimalist home usually have geometric shapes and lines that firm. and dominated by looping vertical / horizontal.
Minimalist house has a wide aperture, wide windows provide a view to the outside more freely.
The arrangement also minimalist landscape, the plants use only as vocal point only.
The Minimalist usually have flat or nearly flat roof.
The interior of the room or INTERIOR The Minimalist
Rooms more open / minimize wall insulation.
Ornament interior such as the use of cornices, carved ornament not applied.
Furniture more simple, decisive, plain (not carved)
Usually for a minimalist home to avoid the impression of monotony, using games or light (artificial / natural) to get a dramatic effect, color games (2-3 colors) are also applied.
Those are some characteristics of a minimalist home is, and here are some examples of minimalist home pictures can you make a reference point or just consideration materials, both home minimalist type 45, type 36 or type 90 minimalist house and so on,

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