Sunday, March 3, 2013

What is TEKLA?????

Built for building information modeling 

Tekla software for building information modeling (BIM) processes helps to improve quality, increase profits, and reduce risk. Across the design, plan and construction lifecycle BIM is an integrated process built on reliable, buildable digital project information. Tekla creates software to deliver upon its promise of virtual buildings, data driven manufacture and simulated construction.

Tekla offers the AEC industry open BIM workflows that truly integrate.

With Tekla software engineersfabricators and construction contractors can more easily enjoy the benefits of coordinated, rich data and use that information to improve their performance, appearance, and cost-effectiveness. At the same time, they can reliably deliver the projects faster and more economically.
Reliable, coordinated, and more accurate information about a building provides better design insight, production documentation and construction predictability. Project inefficiencies can be minimized with Tekla software. Projects that stay on time and on budget mean more satisfied clients and opportunity for more repeat business.
With Tekla software
  • Create and combine constructible 3D models, rich in detailed building information
  • Tekla puts AEC professionals in control
  • Make better design and business decisions
    • Improve  productivity and project quality
    • Deliver projects faster and more economically
  • Easier and more effective communication with partners and clients helps to accelerate the design process
  • Greater accuracy and better coordination can translate to less waste and higher profits

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