Sunday, March 17, 2013

Plaswall Advantages-Brickless building System


WORKABILITY. PLASWALL allows easy installation up to three times faster than conventional       construction. The site assembly of the main components can be done faster, thus reducing labor cost.  It is also completely scalabe in terms of deploying multiple sets of equipment. One set up can produce enough numbers of PLASWALL for the simultaneous construction of houses.

FAST ROI. Quicker installation and lower cost ensures faster and higher returns on capital invested.

VERY LOW MAINTENANCE. With a minimal maintenance, there no issues on cracking and chipping. Latex paints which have five times more life span compared to normal paints add to the life of construction.

PRE-DEFINED BoQ. Bill of Quantities, pre-defined before work, results in a predictable cost and better inventory control system.

REDUCED CONSTRUCTION COST. Considerable savings in construction time and labor cost due to minimized of skilled manpower and no requirements for heavy equipment on job site.

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