Monday, March 25, 2013

Organizing your Home

Self-organizing is fostered by self-discipline.
Getting organized and being disciplined can be a hard act to live up to, but not impossible.  You can do it!
In the world we live in today, the pace of life is so quick, there’s barely enough time for a greeting.
  • We are quick to set personal achievements and goals in our working life but drained by the time we get home.
  • Many of us are over-achievers; we’re the best employee, the best parent, expert at everything.
So why can’t we get our homes organized and be more disciplined about doing it? Below are some tips of my tips that can help.

Make Specific and Obtainable Goals

Effective goal setting methods need to be put in place - and – for us not to be so hard on ourselves when it comes time to evaluating the progress that really has been made.
We are responsible for our own organization and keeping our personal space clean.We can cultivate habits that encourage self-discipline.
Don’t set unreachable goals. Never quit and don’t give up! Throwing in the towel is not an option.

Avoid creating long lists.

When you are first starting out, don’t create a list of things to do that is so long you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel.  We want you to succeed. You want to succeed. Organize one room at a time and build from that.

Be clear on what the goal is.

What is the goal for each room? Write it down and be clear so you don’t end up scratching your head thinking “what did I mean, what was I thinking?”

Allocate enough time.

There are many things that can take us off track and put our focus in an entirely different direction.
If given a set amount of time to get a job done, it should be easier to stay on topic and not get sidetracked or distracted.
Of course there are times when an interruption or change of course can’t be helped, just keep in mind the goal of finishing what you started.
Pencil the day and time of day you are giving yourself for each organizing goal you’re setting. Put this in your day planner, calendar, and phone, whatever you use as a reminder.

Be Committed to your Plan

Set a reasonable and achievable goal for yourself and make sure to take into consideration what you already have scheduled, don’t set yourself up for failure before you’ve even begun by double booking yourself and cutting yourself short.
When you make a plan, be committed to it. A phone call from a friend wanting to go out and have fun can’t get in your way of the goal you’ve set for yourself.
If your friends and family are supportive, they will encourage you not to give up.

Tips on How to Stay Organized

Cultivate good habits.

Bad habits are hard to break - so are good ones if they are well learned. Keep up your lists and scheduling time for the goals you make.
Be consistent with good practices - when you walk into a room, pick up the obvious clutter and either put it away or throw it away. When you leave the room, do the same - stack magazines neatly, straighten books in the book case, etc.

Don’t procrastinate.

Alright, you’ve set your organizing goals now practice some of that self-discipline I know you all have. Have faith and don’t doubt that you can keep this up. Because you can!
Removing as much clutter from your life as possible creates an environment where you are able to focus on the important things. There really is "a place for everything and everything in its place."  
Having a clean and organized home is just as important as being a successful businessperson. You can’t de-stress from your hectic day or get up feeling fresh in the morning if you’re tripping over piles of papers, clothes, and other things.
Use your good habits to stay organized.

A Little Positive Thinking goes a Long Way

Be true to yourself. Work daily on honing good habits until they become routine. Finally, you won't even be conscious of your organizing abilities until that day comes when someone says, "I envy you so! You are so organized!" Believe it ... it will happen!

Utilize the power of positive thinking:

  • I will stay organized.
  • I am successful.
  • I will accomplish my goals.
  • I will be realistic.

Good Behavior Deserves a Reward

When you keep your word and accomplished the goal you set for organizing. Take yourself out and get your nails done, go shopping with a friend. Whoop it up!
Working to get something you want, is achievement, whether it's mental or physical. Concentrate on winning - not whining!
Don't expect to be perfect overnight! Don't be discouraged and don't expect miracles. Just keep plugging away. There will be the day when it all comes together - you'll have the satisfaction of realizing what you've accomplished.

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