Thursday, March 14, 2013

Clean Home Advantages

You might have thought at one point or another, "Why should I clean my home if it's only going to get all messed up again?"
We all know that won't cut it. But might make it easier to know there are many reasons to keep your home clean other than to impress your mother-in-law with your housekeeping skills.
The physical part of cleaning a home has many health benefits: physical, mental, and emotional.
I can help make the job easier. Let's take it from the top and go over some very good reasons to keep your home clean.
Let's get busy!

Disinfect or Sanitize. Whatever You Call It, It's Clean:

Each time you use disinfectants, you remove bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold that can make you very sick. Disinfecting the bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas will help protect you from these potentially dangerous pathogens.

Reduce Allergies:

Regular house cleaning reduces dust and other allergens in the home. These allergens can irritate your nose, throat and eyes causing redness, wheezing and a stuffy nose.
Sweeping, dusting, and vacuum-cleaning will remove dust, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens that cause irritation. People who have allergic reaction, symptoms of asthma, or breathing difficulties can reduce their signs and symptoms and breathe easier with less dust and dander in a clean house.

Reduce Mold and Mildew:

Keeping your house clean, checking for moisture and ensuring your home has proper air circulation helps to eliminate mold growth quickly. Mold and Mildew is dangerous and can even be deadly.

Reduce Risk Of Injury:

Keeping your house neat, tidy and organized with all items in their proper place reduces the chance of inadvertent slips, trips and falls.
Loose cords or an errant toy on the stairs have caused many a serious accident.

Eliminate Freeloaders- Bugs, Pests and Rodents:

Bugs, pest and rodents live in moist damp or cluttered areas. Keeping your house clean brings the darkness into the like and makes it that much harder for the pests to hide.
Removing the food sources for bugs and rodents will reduce the chance of them taking up residence if you decline to provide them with dinner as well.

It Counts as Physical Activity:

Depending on your enthusiasm, cleaning will improve your physical fitness. Physical activity is good for you. Even the somewhat minimal amount of exertion related to cleaning and vacuuming contributes to your health and fitness.
Cleaning burns calories. If you need help with motivation or picking up the pace, turn the music up and let your inner dancing diva out.

Better Meals:

Homemade meals are not just better for you and your family, they are usually less expensive.
A clean kitchen is more inviting and encourages people to make a culinary masterpiece (or maybe just a sandwich) A dirty kitchen is unappealing and most people don't like cooking in a messy or unsanitary area.

Better Nutrition:

Making your own food rather than going our for meals will generally result in you consuming less salt, fat as well as preservatives.

Reduce Stress:

Physical activity has been found to reduce stress, anxiety, obesity and cancer. It counts as exercise when you exert yourself to clean, vacuum and dust. Exercise releases chemicals that make us feel better. (It must be why people run marathons, I think)
It makes taking a break, or sitting down to have a cup of coffee that much more enjoyable.

Rest and Relaxation:

At the end of the day, a job well done is a very good feeling.
A clean house is inviting, smells better, and having everything in it's proper place is emotional nirvana for me. Now go get that cup of coffee or tea and have a rest and enjoy all your hard work.

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