Wednesday, February 6, 2013


brickless building system
If you are looking for a fast, hassle - free, hygienic and economical construction system, PLASWALLTM has no equal. These walls can be made at a movable factory on site and suit any design or architectural requirement. From light weight concrete systems to thermally insulated walls especially designed for hot and cold climates, this patented technology has it all.

It is a Lost in place formwork system, where in two fiber cement boards (FCB) of 6mm thickness are used. It uses HIMI (High Impact Molded Inserts) bonded between two sheets of FCB in situ and erected to produce a straight-to-finish wall. A monolithic structure is then created by filling the entire structure with concrete. Additional load capacity can be obtained by providing extra reinforcing bars and/or increasing the grade of the concrete.
PLASWALLTM can be made using many types of woodgrained sheets. It is also the ideal material for architectural forms like trellis, gazebo, fencing, mouldings, roof shingles, structural landscape products, trims and many other custom made requirements.

PLASWALLTM is an AITECH approved building system ( as required by CSIS and Pag-ibig Fund ) and therefore, has a higher assessed value by banks and agencies, bringing faster and easier access to finance for end users. It also complies with Philippines National Building Code, British, American and Australian Building Codes.


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